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“I can wear whatever I want”.

Why are job interviews perceived as the “dress up day”? Perhaps majority of you will say the obvious which is ‘in order to look presentable’ but think about it, ISSA TRAP! Imagine if you could wear your absolute favourite outfit to an interview despite it being categorized as “too casual” or whatever the case may be & still impress just by your intellectuality & perhaps a great sense of style & humor if you’re as cool as I am 🙂

Ofcoz any guy loves a good suit hands down but is that all there is to corporate fashion? What about bending the rules & wearing your own style to work without feeling like you’re breaking rules, after all “your bosses don’t buy you clothes”.

Lets break it down a bit for you folks, it is us the people who set standards for ourselves, the hierarchies in companies are built by people who also reference & ask for directions from others, so how you dress to work shouldn’t be decided by Michael who himself needs a stylist!

Create a comfortable kind of style for yourself & follow on it, adding new trends once in a while. Are you the shorts guy? There’s many ways to rock your shorts in a corporate space & so on for other styles.

Whether you’re in the office for a blue monday , chasing client lunch meetings or having a strategic meeting with your manager, your style should remain a representation of your true self.

Here’s a monday to friday style inspo for the gents.


These are affordable looks to experiment with & you can change the blazer from one outfit to the next, no need to buy 5 different blazers.

Remember; what matters in your job is how well you perform, looking good is for street cred, so let your authentic personal style define your game gents, not your boss!

You can check out ‘street etiquette’ for more inspiration.


The “Kool Kid” Era

So whether we approve or not, the ’94 kids which are in the kool kid lingo referred to as “born frees” are taking over everything but mostly fashion…

Willow & Jaden Smith (Will & Jada Smith children) are typical examples of kool kids, they have managed to create their own styles in fashion & have excelled in becoming fashion influences to the young fashionistas.

We love these two & all the kool kids around the world, especially South African Kool Kids who aspire & dare to be different!




I am so pleased to finally have their work shared on my blog, these are guys I’ve met, listened to their ideas, their stories & been inspired by, not only are they my friends but we’re all creatives & they inspire me a great deal & today I can finally introduce them to the rest of the online world!

Now guys tell us everything there is to know about you, who are you & what kind of stuff do you do?

Well thank you Lolo, We are Disconnected The Kollective,  a creative collaboration platform for “up & comers” in the creative industry founded by Bush Mahlathini & Ofentsephotographize alongside a few other young & black entrepreneurs, visual artists, writers, musicians and “disconnected” talents.

Founders of DisconnectedTheKollectiv

The |”Kollectiv” being collaboration driven, doesn’t have a definite number of individuals who come together in that capacity with the aim of baring creative solutions and sharing skill sets. “There is strength in numbers” goes the old proverb. In numbers we can get society to listen and take notice of us, society being the relevant people, the niche markets fundamental to the growth and success of of our individual endeavors. A virtual marketing/ networking media house combined, it’s head-quarters taking the form of a small homey internet cafe in Rabie Ridge, in the outskirts of Midrand- it’s called “The Karibu Lifestyle Cafe” owned and run by @Ofentsephotographize.

Some of the local collaborations we’ve done include Black Youth owned brands on the rise such as street style brands Proxy, We3D Movement, Ubucwebe in regards to fashion and accessories. We have had profile shoots with Intermedia Creatives for their signed artist King Mok. We have an ongoing work relationship with content & collaboration site Ama-Creatives, it’s founder Zac Modirapula who often plays a mentor- like role to us. Through this relationship we have had the opportunity to learn a great deal and be part of some great projects and campaigns.

For more Info you can contact:




@DisconnectedTheKollectiv on all social meadia.

We3D Movement
Lolo (@lolo4fashion) & @Bush_Mahlathini
Founders of DisconnectedTheKollectiv




King Mok
King Mok


Jameson Reinvents Cinema ‘Pulp Fiction’ is this year’s iconic Jameson Cult Film Club experience

Johannesburg, 18 November 2016: Jo’burg cult film worshippers and cool cats twisted the night away at this year’s Jameson Cult Film Club experience which paid homage to Quentin Tarrantino’s masterpiece, Pulp Fiction.


1The exclusive, by-invite-only event saw influencers, film aficionados and Jameson devotees immersed in a surreal Pulp Fiction experience with realistic actors, special effects, large-scale sets, character-themed cocktails, bloody photo booths and a party worth Instagramming about.


It was a nonstop danceathon – kicking off with a live swing band and guests twisting their hips to old-school classics, before DJ Jules turned up the tempo and had the crowd bringing the house down.


The biggest highlight of the evening saw revelers take to the stage in the “Jack Rabbit Slims Twist competition” dancing to Chuck Berry’s “You never can tell” – just like Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega did in the movie.

From the moment you entered the venue, Pulp Fiction came at you from every corner – Jameson really brought the film to life. It was like nothing I have experienced!” raved Mak Ntlantla


The Jameson Cult Film Club has reinvented cinematic experiences globally, putting audiences firmly in the movie, allowing them to be part of the action instead of mere spectators. Pulp Fiction lends itself perfectly to an immersive cinema experience and is the perfect match for Jameson,” says Nicole van Zyl, Brand Manager at Jameson. “Apart from the rather advantageous coincidence of three’s – the three separate and converging stories of Pulp Fiction and Jameson’s triple-distilled process, it is Quentin Tarantino’s fearless ambition embodied in his greatest work that we love most.

The evening wrapped with over a 100 guests participating in a Mannequin Challenge as they simultaneously froze to the now globally popular Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd.

Cult film followers have been invited to join Jameson as the brand salutes Tarantino’s masterpiece on 24 November and 1 December in Cape Town and Durban, respectively.

For More

Jameson Cult Film Club – Pulp Fiction

Jameson Whiskey



TWISTED SISTERS: Twisting the night away
TROPHY TEAM: Top twisters celebrate their win
ROCKING THE RABBIT: Revelers burn up the dance floor
BRING OUT THE GIMP: Pulp Fiction characters set the tone
CONFETTI BETTY: Painting the town red.
STRIKE DOWN UPON THEE: With red confetti
CULT WORSHIP: Band act bringing down the house

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011 844 1000

We3d Movement Logo

A while back I met up with a very interesting creative – Thando Simelane who pushes a hustle called We3d Movement & through the movement he creates UBUCWEBE pieces – jewelry made out of rather interesting material, after a few months I finally managed to get him to talk to the Fashion Crumbz Publication about his dope art creations. He tells us more below. img-20161027-wa00001

#Ubucwebe are alternative accessories by @We3d_Movement, most of the pieces are made from recycled material, buttons from old clothes, broken pieces from jewelry, the material we mostly buy & it’s identity material cross connection wires which support the base of most pieces. Products from these are Ubucwebe rings, bracelets, earrings & necklaces. Our pieces know no limits, they are very African inspired & daring.

Now you may be asking yourself how this all started, well when I was in the Vaal, doing my matric, I started collecting buttons for no reason at all, the commune I lived at had a landline box outside, where every time the landline box was repaired – cross connection wires would be cut & left there and I would take the wires & play with them. One day I pulled out my buttons from the collection I had made of buttons, then I created a ring using the wires & buttons and that’s how Ubucwebe came to life.

Apart from making Jewelry, I also have a street-wear pop up store called “Pop Wardrobe” , more details on this will follow soon.img-20161027-wa00151

You can find Us on Instagram : @We3d_Movement


Photography Credits : @Ofentsephotographize

Now guys I’ve personally gotten myself some of these pieces & what I admire about Thando’s work is the originality, quality & safety, my favorite is the necklace, it reminds me abit of my Xhosa culture, the cross-wires used have interesting patterns & I would definitely recommend that my readers get these affordable proudly South African pieces.

Thank You to We3d Movement for the interview

Fashion Crumbz S/S17 Collection – #LaceDiaries

Designed by our editor Namhla “Lolo” Lebona who is also a fashion designer, this collection is inspired by the sophisticated woman who likes to feel sexy & classy on a daily basis, she may be a rebelling corporate lady who is breaking boundaries. the fabric is a mixture of lace, mash and basic stretch fabric. The colour (maroon) is a symbol of romance & enchanting sexiness of the woman we are designing for. Our range aims at giving the basic lady some femininity confidence as the garments are body hugging, sexy, revealing and epitomize royalty. shop the collection by filling in the contact form below or visiting our social media pages:

Twitter/Instagram: @Fashion_Crumbz

Designer: @Lolo4Fashion (Twitter & Instagram) / Namhla Lebona (Facebook)


The sexy 2 piece
The evening dress
The whole collection

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So everyone who knows me knows that I’m a menswear enthusiast & my new obsession this season has to be Chichi Maison, except for the fact that this brand is the coolest menswear street style brand, I appreciate how they use Minimalism in their clothing, the new collection speaks volumes, the textures of the coats, the colour blending and the style is just too dope, Way to go!